June 27, 2012 – Looking To Sea

Looking To Sea

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I took this on our trip out to Nova Scotia last year, and kind of forgot I had it. It is at Peggy’s Cove, with the famous lighthouse behind me. The place was packed when we were there, and aside from another couple, these were the only two people really paying attention to the ocean. I didn’t think much of it at the time. The whole trip was like a buffet of great iconic images. I’m still going through them and finding things.

I came across this when I was selecting images for the main page slideshow and fell in love with it. It was really a beautiful day to see the place, and seeing this picture put me right back on that day. You may notice it is currently a default background on the site as well. It also is the current wallpaper on pretty much all my computers at work and home.

It also makes me think I should take another pass through my 20,000+ photos and see what else I missed.