July 4, 2012 – The Ship Hector

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Another one from Nova Scotia. Our trip out east lasted two weeks. I brought one suitcase; and three camera bags. In addition my my digital rig, I brought a Mamiya C330, a Conley Jr. from 1913 and my Busch Pressman 4×5 view camera. Leah is a very supportive and patient partner. Loading film holders in the front seat of a moving vehicle in a changing bag in humid conditions can lead to some swearing.

This ship is a reproduction of the ship that originally brought the first Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia in 1773. It is part of a very cool museum in Pictou.

I took this with the view camera from right beside the van where we parked. At this point in the trip the camera bags were empty and the van was acting as a mobile studio, with most of my gear rolling around the back. It’s one of my favorite film shots yet.