July 18, 2012 – Dedication

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So I made it a month before I started missing scheduled posts. That’s not too bad. Its not that I haven’t been blogging though. The last two weeks have been a blur of activity. I promise as soon as things settle down on the home improvement front, that these posts will pick up again.

Even with all the craziness, I think I can find the time to keep the Wallpaper Wednesday posts going, as they aren’t as time intensive.

I’d like to dedicate today’s wallpaper to my Grandmother, Patricia Smith, who’s birthday it is today. I took this picture on a family outing a couple years ago, at  Wanapitei Provincial Park, north of Sudbury, Ontario.

The piers in the North river pictured here used to form a bridge to the other side. I liked the different shades of blue, brown and green in this picture, not to mention the memories of a great day at the beach.

Happy Birthday Nan!