UPDATE – So I sort of fell off the “keep your website up to date” wagon. Like three years ago. So I’m trying to climb back on.

You may see incremental changes as I get things where I want them. But I’m working on it. I promise.

This post explains some of my ideas going forward, so naturally the stuff below (and everywhere) is going to change.


I am a photography, music, gaming, computer and gadget nerd living in London, Ontario, Canada.

I have been shooting since around 2003, when I got my hands on my first digital point and shoot. Since then I have become more and more compelled to shoot. What started as an interest in gadgets has evolved into a need to understand this wonderful craft. I’ll shoot with anything I can get my hands on, whether it is a state of the art DSLR or a simple pinhole camera.

Besides photography, I have a great love of music. I studied audio engineering in college and have played in several bands over the years. I sing, play trumpet, guitar, some keyboards and am trying to teach myself trombone. One of my favorite things to shoot is live music because of this experience.

My goal for this page is to turn it into a place to share the things that have inspired me, and maybe inspire others by sharing what I make.

I’ve tried and failed at this blogging game before so I am going to approach this differently. Rather than just force myself to make a post everyday, I’m going to make a bit of a schedule:

Music Monday: I’ll post an article on a group or musician I find worth talking about. Wherever I can, Ill try to review someone I have photographed personally. There are a few I want to talk about that I haven’t had a chance to see live and get a shot of yet, so we’ll see what happens.

Wallpaper Wednesday: I’ll post a downloadable image that anybody can download and use as a wallpaper. I’m still figuring this one out, I may just post one size, or a couple. But I plan to have a short explanation about each image and the story behind it.

Photography Friday: I’ll take some time to talk about other photographers I find inspirational. Some are other amateur photographers I know personally, some will be big fish that have shot magazine covers and some will be masters. I’ll also post articles about books and gear I like (or don’t) from time to time.


I will very likely break this schedule within the first month. Hopefully it will be posting a review of a video game on a Tuesday rather than missing a scheduled post. We’ll see. Rules are made to be broken, even self-imposed ones.

I don’t have any commercial aspirations for this site, I’ve found I enjoy shooting much more when I’m not worrying about how much I can sell a picture for (of course, that’s not to say don’t ask if you are interested in a picture).